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The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government energy efficiency scheme in Great Britain to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty. This scheme started back in April 2013 and has been amended over time.

The current scheme, ECO4 came into force in July 2022 and runs until March 2026. The ECO4 funding order is applied to measures that have been installed from the 1st April 2022.

This funding can be significant and is focused towards whole house retrofit and providing a bigger package of works to improve the energy efficiency of struggling homes.

Who Qualifies for ECO Funding?

ECO4 is targeted at low income households; both homeowners and tenants. The fund targets properties with low Energy Performance Ratings.

Eligible households under ECO4 could benefit from Energy Efficiency Products* such as; Loft Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Solid Wall Insulation, Air Source Heat Pumps, Heating Controls and Solar PV.

*Subject to funding availability and technical suitability.

Am I eligible?

If you home is inefficinet (EPC rated E,F or G) and you or someone in your household applies to one of more of the below it is likely you are eligible:

- Total gross household income is less than £31,000.

- Someone in the household receives one or more qualifying benefit.

- Someone in the household has a long-term health condition impacted by cold such as: Respiratory disease, cardiovascular condition, limited mobility, or immunosuppression.

If you are interested in finding out more or want to see if you qualify, please apply here or call us on 0115 718 1822.

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